About our Nutley Physical Therapists

The doctors and physical therapists at High Street Rehab have decades of experience, and have seen it all. We have worked on all types of injuries patients suffer whether working in the yard, injured on the job or on the field. We have also treated a wide range of physical rehabilitation conditions such as sore muscles and painful arthritic joints. We have helped patients of all ages, and physical condition.

The Professional Staff of High Street Rehabilitation

Dr. Steven G. Clarke
Chiropractic Physician

Dr Steven Clarke is a nationally acclaimed chiropractic physician who has practiced in Nutley since 1983. He has had extensive experience with virtually every type of pain condition and has worked with tens of thousands of patients throughout the tri-state area. He was elected and served as the state president of the chiropractic association for four consecutive years and has been a strong advocate of patient rights speaking in Trenton and Washington, DC. He was named New Jersey Chiropractor of the Year for 2006

Dr. Brittany A. Clarke
Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Brittany Clarke is the Director of Physical Therapy at High Street Rehab and not only brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to the center but an enthusiasm and energy that truly motivates patients to get better. She is a graduate of The College of New Jersey with an undergraduate degree in Health and Exercise Science with a minor in Psychology.  Dr. Brittany received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Rutgers University in 2018 ( the former University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ.

Brittany has been a practicing Physical Therapist in numerous healthcare settings including private practice but also hospital and rehab settings, dealing with a variety of sports and general orthopedic injuries,  surgeries as well as neurologic disorders. Bringing a wide range of experience to High Street Rehab, she has treated various ailments from joint replacements, balance and vertigo issues as well as neck, lower back and extremities problems. Orthopedic and pain doctor from throughout area regularly refer their patients and family to Dr. Brittany for the care she provides.

Beatriz Torres/ Office Assistant/ Receptionist

Beatriz has been with the office for many years and handles scheduling of appointments, verification of insurance benefits and assistance with issues regarding major medical insurance, worker’s comp and auto cases. Her bubbly personality is an asset as she welcomes our patients into the office. Providing excellent patient service while maintaining an organized and well managed clinic is the goal she aims to meet everyday. 

Virginia D’Achille / Office Assistant/ Receptionist

Virginia has been scheduling and greeting patients at our office for 10 years. She and Beatriz handle the majority office matters and always has a wonderful smile and “hello” for those who come into our office. Virginia loves interacting with patients and works hard to make sure patients have a great experience the entire time they are at the office.

Brenda Lopez / In House Insurance Manager

Brenda has been with the office for over 15 years and is our Personal Injury Billing Specialist that handles insurance pre-certification issues and legal correspondence for those patients involved in auto, worker’s compensation and other personal injury cases.


Carol McCrea is our Legal Liason for Personal Injury cases. Carol has had over 30 years of experience in handling the most difficult legal situations involving our patients.