Conditions Treated at our Nutley Office
Knee Pain • Hip Pain • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Neck Pain • Back Pain • Sciatica • Sports Injuries

High Street Rehab of Nutley prides itself on caring for the many physical ailments that happen to the human body. With your family physician, orthopedic surgeon or chiropractic physician, we will work to develop the best strategy to help you recover from some of the most common conditions seen at our office such as:

  • Knee pain and arthritis that is painful whether it is when you are walking up/down stairs, standing for great distances or squatting down. Partial and total knee replacement therapy is routinely provided.
  • Hip pain and arthritis that radiates to the side of the leg or into the groin. Hip replacement surgery rehabilitation is routinely provided.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome involving hand pain with/without numbness and tingling into the fingers. We can provide state of the art diagnostic testing to evaluate for nerve damage and the proper course of treatment needed.
  • Neck pain and spasms commonly associated with difficulty turning the neck side to side or looking up. The pain commonly radiates to the upper shoulder muscles or into the base of the skull. Herniated cervical discs are routinely treated with excellent results.
  • Arm pain with/without numbness and tingling radiating down toward the hands. Loss of grip strength and difficulty with pinching, lifting or carrying objects are commonly associated with it.
  • Headaches that are muscular in nature are seen and have had excellent results.
  • Lower back pain and spasms with difficulty sitting, standing, bending at the waist as well as getting up from a seated position. Herniated lumbar discs are routinely treated with excellent results.
  • Sciatica or nerve pain radiating from the lower back into the buttock and into the leg. Many have difficulty with walking, sitting and standing for extended periods of time.
  • Athletic injuries whether a pulled muscle or surgically repaired area, we have seen it all and cared for thousands to get them back into the game!